NuMuse Gallery

is dedicated in developing creative content solutions for artists and arts organizations. It’s primary aim is to achieve social and economic prosperity through self empowerment and unity consciousness .

Specifically, we work with artists and  arts organizations that are making  positive transformative contributions to society and are in need of higher financial returns for their efforts and investments.  Utilizing Creative Capital with  available  financial resources,  we   review existing business plans, mission statements and  work flow management  in order to prioritize the needed modifications needed to enhance  professional  development.

With expanded awareness through self empowerment,  consciously sustainable  and prosperous business models  can now produce results that will  inspire continued progress  in the new paradigm .

NuMuse Gallery consults and specializes in a variety of disciplines such as:

  • IT and Digital Systems Integration
  • Product Information consultation
  • Pro Audio/Video and Theatrical Lighting Services
  • Social Media Support and Web Management
  • Archival Solutions
  •   Artist Registry solutions

NuMuse Gallery Inc. derives its support from professional individuals who take practice in the emerging consciousness of positive community development through  business change agents — leaders, entrepreneurs, intraprenuers, coaches and consultants.

“Dreamers Who Do”

Gifford Pinchot III