NuMuse Gallery is dedicated in developing creative content solutions for artists and organizations  to  empower themselves in achieving their highest  potential.

Specifically, it’s aim is to work with organizations and artists that are making  positive contributions  to the whole of society,  yet lack the financial capital needed for further professional development services.  Utilizing their  Creative Capital resources wisely and efficiently,  it is now  possible to take on these challenges more effectively and  produce  sustain-ably conscious and prosperous business models.

NuMuse Gallery  consults and specializes in a variety of disciplines such as IT and Digital Systems Integration, Product Information consultation, Pro Audio/Video and Theatrical Lighting Services, Social Media Web Management and Archival and Registry solutions for Artists

The Juvia Eco-Arts Village and Town Project

NuMuse Gallery Inc. seeks collaboration with individuals who are starting to take practice in emerging data-driven design and true cost economics from Open Source Everything Engineering.

Open Source Technology is the starting point for the second industrial -informational revolution.

“Dreamers Who Do”

Gifford Pinchot III